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Teenager Suffering from Menstrual Problem Cured


A 17-year-old teenager suffering from menstrual problems got relief through the efforts of hamsakhi Anusuiya Upadhyay and cluster coordinator Pratima Chaturvedi in Sigrampur village of cluster Ranital in Badamalhara block of Chhatarpur district.

Sigrampur is a village of various communities and it is situated about 15 km away from the block Badamalhara. Parvati, a 17-year-old girl from this village, was suffering from menstrual problems for a long time, but due to social shame, she did not inform her family or anyone else about it she was very worried and depressed. Recently a new member of the adolescent group and had begun to attend the sessions. Yet she was not able to talk about it with anybody. During the implementation of sessions, she attended the class on menstrual hygiene in which girls were taught in detail about things like.

  • What is menstruation?
  • Why does it happen?
  • At what age does menstruation begin?
  • What should be taken care off during menstruation?
  • What are the social misconceptions about menstruation?

She keenly participated in this session. After the completion of the session she talked about her problem with cluster coordinator Pratima Chaturvedi, and peer educator Anusuiya. She informed them that she got periods earlier but from past 7 months she was not getting her periods and due to social circumstances, she could not discuss it with her family or with anybody else. They consoled her and assured her to provide her with all the help required.

They visited her family and discussed the issue with her mother and suggested to have her checked up in the block hospital for which she agreed. Cluster coordinator and peer educator took Parvati to the hospital where they met with the counselor of Adolescent Friend Health Clinic Mrs. Savitri Patel. She discussed the issue with the medical officer. The doctor examined her and advised some medicines and asked her to take it regularly as prescribed. The cluster coordinator and peer educator visited her regularly and provided her all the required help. As a result, she got her periods and she and her mother were very happy and express gratitude towards the project and the staff.