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Severely Anaemic Adolescent Girls Get New Lease of Life

severely anaemic

Through continuous efforts of peer educators in Bhadarra village of Kaimaha cluster of Nowgaon block, health checks were done on the adolescent girls. In the health camp, blood tests were done in addition to their weight and general tests. In it, many adolescent girls were found to be suffering from anemia. Then peers along with cluster coordinator advised those girls to eat iron rich food and gave them iron tablets through the medical camp and informed them of its benefits.

Hemoglobin of Rekha Pal, daughter of Mr Prati Pal from the village Bhadarra, age 16 years was found to be 4.2 gm/dl and Mohini Patel, daughter of Mr. Ramcharan Patel from village Pur of Singhpur cluster also a member of peer group, was found to have hemoglobin level of 4.9 gm/dl. Peer educator Ladkunwar Sahu, from Singhpur cluster informed the cluster coordinators Chandini Bano about the condition and peer Mamta Mishra informed about the same to the cluster coordinator Mamta Jatav. Putting it on high priority the cluster coordinators visited the families of the girls and met with their parents. They sensitized them on the issues related to health and asked them to take quick action as their lives were in danger. They also informed them about the consequences of anemia. Even after all the efforts their parents were not ready to take them to the hospital, neither for blood transfusion nor for blood exchange. But peers, cluster coordinators and block coordinators did not give up and continuously monitored them. After some time, their hard work paid off. Their parents agreed to take their daughters to the district hospital. Block coordinator and cluster coordinator arranged for the exchange of the blood.

Three units of blood was given to Rekha Pal and four units to Mohini Patel in December 2019. They are now recovering from anemia and their parents are also serious about their health. Peers Mamta Mishra and Ladkunwar Sahu played an important role in this and they are continuing to add more girls to WIFS and to other health programs.