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Increasing Reach of Small Wings

increasing reach

Health is an important aspect of life which is generally ignored by community and especially by females. They are not serious towards their health. This is because they are not taken seriously in their family right from the childhood. Adolescent girls in the villages are not aware of their basic requirements. They do not even know what they need at the time of health.

To increase their knowledge on health issues project conducts regular health checkups in coordination with health department. In these camps they were educated on issues of personal health and hygiene like how to use sanitary pads and avoid use of any other things like clothes. Consumption of IFA tablets, HB test, height and weight check up and also to maintain clean environment.

Regarding this, Cluster coordinator Bharti Dhatra took girls of Geharwar and Pipora Khurd villages for their HB test at Ishanagr block hospital. Now to register every girl a charge of Rs. 5 have to pay to the hospital as per government rules. Some girls said that this is the reason why they don’t like to come to hospital for no use as they have to pay transportation charge and then registration fees when they come with their families. Hence they avoid coming for small-small things.

Cluster Coordinator discussed this issue with the Block coordinator Mr. Varun Dubey who was also with them.

He discussed the issue with the CBMO (Chief Block Medical Officer) and submits the application granting for free checkup of project girls. CBMO Dr. Rajesh Khare was touched with the matter and issued a circular that all the girls from Samriddhi project targeted villages will get free treatment from the day and no need to pay any registration charge.

Girls are now thankful towards Samriddhi Project and staff for their kind support.