Right to Education

right-to-education A glimpse of teachers' training on water and sanitation issue

Tribal and dalit children, especially girl children, are not enjoying their education rights properly. They are discriminated in schools as a result of which dropout rate of tribal and dalit children is high.

Dharti focuses on tribal and dalit children through two-pronged strategy:

1. Promoting quality education for children with special focus on tribal, dalit and girl children

This includes:

  • Encouraging teachers for better performance in favour of tribal, dalits and girl children
  • Strengthening government schools and inculcating accountability among them

2. Ensuring and protecting child rights through strengthening of Bal Adhikar Manch (Child Rights Forum).

  • Identification of child labour cases and taking appropriate measures against it


As a result of the organisation's efforts an increase is visible in the rate of the enrolment and retention rate among tribal, dalit and girls children. A large number of girls who had dropped out from the schools have been mainstreamed into formal schools.

Village education and school management committees have become functional and operational. Schools are now exploitation, discrimination free and gender friendly school.

Quality education has been ensured for the children from the poorest and marginalised groups.

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