Dharti Gramotthan Evam Shabhagi Gramin Vikas Samiti

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Strategic Objectives

Towards the attainment of its defined set of objectives, Dharti pursues following strategies:

  • Needs assessment of community and area
  • Field studies through secondary data or collection of primary data
  • Community participation in project designing, implementation and evaluation through use of various tools such as PRA and social audit
  • Community education, capacity building and knowledge management
  • Creating credibility and self-image of community based organisations
  • Participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • Campaigning and advocacy
  • Governance strengthening
  • Transparency and accountability promotion
  • Innovation, model creation for replication and scalability
  • Institutional linkages
  • Policy and media advocacy
  • Providing the following facilities for social investment-child care, safe drinking water, household toilet, smokeless chulhas, Solar Pumps, plantation, family welfare, adult education, anti-dowry, gender discrimination, micro-saving, daughters right in family assets, training and promotion of programs focusing on women empowerment, and making women’s life better.
  • Organising activities like training on life skill, micro-enterprise, integrated development for socio-economic upliftment of target community
  • Formation of women and youth clubs and organising various activities of social importance, cultural centres, health and nutrition
  • Working on the issue of human values, through promotion of non-discrimination on the basis of religion, cast and creed
  • Organising awareness and sensitisation activities in the direction of international sSolidarity and universal brotherhood
  • Organising activities for child development which includes the aspects of physical, mental, social and spirituality
  • Organising activities for better health and nutrition through government services, training of health workers, distribution and publication of health related publications and training manuals
  • Providing services like housing, food and health for the dependant women, widows and old aged
  • Organising activities and campaigns for ensuring the livelihoods, environmental sustainability, water, solar energy and climate change